MA Lighting grandMA3 Has Arrived in Rental Stock

Adlib’s lighting department has continued its investment over the past few months with one of the key additions to rental stock being the new grandMA3 full-size and grandMA3 light consoles.

The grandMA3 light was straight out on Creamfields festival as well as Bugzy Malone’s UK tour for which Adlib supplied audio, lighting, and video.

Dave Smith, explains how the  grandMA3 light performed on tour:

“The sleek new design of the grandMA3 makes it the perfect touring lighting desk. Even with it being smaller in size than its predecessor, the power has not been compromised. Even when using Mode 2, the new hardware functionality is great. The additional screens make programming quicker and easier.”

The grandMA3 full-size console landed a little later in the autumn touring season and both consoles have recently been out on the UK arena tour of Elf: A Christmas Spectacular. Speaking to the choice of these consoles for the tour, Adlib lighting engineer Tom Webber comments:

“My first impression was that build of the console is brilliant. I love the feel of the new buttons – even the non-lighting crew on Elf commented on how nice they feel.”

hire grandMA3 lighting desk-1

“I quite like the MA2 software running on the MA3 hardware – features like having a selection of your macros permanently on-screen is extremely useful. That said I’m really looking forward to using the new MA3 software and getting the full use out of the hardware once it’s officially released.”

Founded on the legacy of previous grandMA consoles, the grandMA3 represents a radical rethink of what’s possible from a lighting control platform.

The physical design of the consoles delivers a fantastic user experience with “letterbox screens” providing encoder and playback information allowing the larger main screens to be configured to suit the user’s specific preferences.

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