Robe picklePATT™ now available at Adlib

Adlib are pleased to announce that the Robe picklePATT™ is now available to our rental clients. The picklePATT extends Robe’s tungsten classic family that is characterised by response to growing demand for tungsten eye candy on stage and set. Used particularly by bands, television, film or as general prop lighting, these fixtures are a prime example that lighting “can be a lot more than just a practical necessity – the luminaires themselves can be a piece of art and create the mood”.

Designed in collaboration with award-winning lighting designer Tim Routledge, these fixtures combine traditional aesthetics with modern build quality. The picklePATT features high performance 575 W tungsten lamp and 392 mm parabolic aluminium reflector with high reflectivity coating, making this vintage-styled unit look the part at all stages that it illuminates.