Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO Battery Powered PA System now available at Adlib

Adlib are delighted to announce that the Sennheiser LSP500 PRO Loudspeaker is now available to our rental clients who are seeking battery powered PA System hire.

Packed in a rock solid housing, the LSP 500 PRO let’s its users play music wirelessly from a device like an iPad or iPhone via a Bluetooth connection or, one can connect a USB memory stick or hard drive directly to the loudspeakers.

The dual battery powered LSP 500 PRO Loudspeaker has operating time of up to 8 hours on a single charge and is designed to address audiences at indoor and outdoor events.

This portable PA System can easily handle events held at small to large venues such as:

  • conferences
  • annual meetings
  • press conferences
  • public events
  • large live shows

On the back of the unit there are 3 slots that allow for integration of up to three receivers for wireless microphones, offering total freedom from hard-wired cables.

The LSP 500 PRO can be set up and managed by one person easily and with its dedicated iPad App or Windows Remote Control Software, it offers complete freedom of movement. The remote control software makes the operation effortless and with a swipe of a finger it allows for the control of up to 20 LSP 500 PRO simultaneously.

Whilst providing the user with an instant access to volume control and other settings, the remote control app also sends notifications when dual battery powered LSP 500 PRO unit runs low. Replacing the battery is made easy, allowing for hot-swap even during live operation, completely eliminating any possible downtime.