What AV Equipment is Important for a Successful Corporate Event?

In the corporate world, the impact of a well-executed event can be the difference between a memorable success and a forgettable gathering. At the heart of this distinction lies the art and science of technical production, encompassing sound, lighting, and audio-visual (AV) technology.

Imagine a corporate event where every word resonates with clarity, visual presentations captivate and engage, and technology seamlessly amplifies your message's essence. This is not just an aspiration but a necessity in corporate event planning. The right equipment blend fosters effective communication and provides the professional touch essential for high-impact events.

Whether it's a high-stakes conference AV setup or a business networking event, the choice of equipment influences the attendee's experience and audience engagement. But what equipment is important for a successful corporate event delivery? Read on to discover the equipment required to create a corporate event technology setup that exceeds expectations.

Audio Equipment

Audio equipment is the cornerstone of any successful corporate event, serving as the primary conduit for clear and effective communication during speeches and presentations or adding to the ambience of the event with background music. Here is the audio equipment necessary to enhance speech intelligibility and enrich the overall auditory experience:


Microphones are designed to pick up sound and are available in several forms. These include wired and wireless models, lavalier types for single speakers, handheld versions for engaging with the audience, and shotgun microphones for broader sound capture.

At Adlib, we recognise the importance of quality in this vital tool and have partnered with leading brands to offer top-tier microphones tailored for professional and business events. For instance, you can consider the DPA d:fine™ 4066 for discreet yet clean and detailed sound reproduction.


Speakers project sound to the audience. The selection of the appropriate speaker depends on the venue's size and the event's nature.

For larger corporate events, Adlib offers specialised solutions such as the AA81 loudspeaker, which delivers high output and clarity from a lightweight, compact enclosure. Alternatively, the CODA Audio ViRAY loudspeaker system in a line array configuration is an excellent choice for those seeking powerful PA sound.

Mixing Consoles

Mixing consoles are the central hub for balancing, processing, and mixing different audio signals. At Adlib, we offer high-quality mixing consoles, including the DiGiCo SD9 digital mixing console, capable of managing even the most demanding conference requirements.

The console is notable for its surprisingly small size and lightweight design, making it ideal for situations where portability is key. Another excellent choice is the Allen & Heath SQ7, which excels in various large settings and offers high-resolution audio and an impressively low latency of less than 0.7 ms.


Amplifiers boost audio signals, ensuring the sound from microphones and other audio sources is loud and clear enough for the audience. This is crucial in larger venues where maintaining consistent sound levels across the space is essential. They work in tandem with speakers, providing the necessary power to deliver sound effectively.

Audio Recorders

Audio recorders in corporate event production make capturing and archiving audio content from events easy. They are essential for recording speeches, presentations, and discussions, allowing for post-event access and distribution.

Video Equipment

Video equipment offers a visual dimension that complements and enhances the audio experience. This equipment encompasses various tools, from high-definition cameras and projectors to LED screens and video switchers, all crucial for creating an immersive and engaging visual presentation. The key video equipment you should consider during your corporate event planning includes:


Cameras play a vital role in capturing live events with utmost precision and clarity, allowing audience members seated at a distance to actively engage in the event. For high-quality visual recording at larger conferences or business events, Adlib offers options like the Canon CJ45EX9.7B Broadcast Lens coupled with the Sony HDC-4300 camera. This 4K broadcast camera system offers excellent optical performance, convenient operation, and a remarkable 45x zoom ratio.

Video Walls

Video walls are designed to create large-scale, high-impact visual displays. They enhance corporate events' visual appeal and engagement factor, from conferences to concerts.

You can choose the ROE Visual V8 Touring, a lightweight LED video wall ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The video wall's large 1m x 1m panels enable easy setup, while its 50% transparency facilitates seamless integration with lighting designs. This is particularly useful for stage setups, as it allows lighting fixtures to be positioned behind the video wall, resulting in a clean and visually appealing appearance.


Projectors provide a versatile medium for displaying presentations, videos, and graphics on a large scale, ensuring that every attendee has a clear and engaging viewing experience. For larger events, the Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 is an exemplary choice. This DLP™ chip large venue projector boasts an impressive 20,000 lumens at an ultra-compact package, ensuring high-quality images with accurate colours without taking up too much space.

Video Switchers

Video switchers play a crucial role in corporate event AV setups by managing and switching between multiple video sources, ensuring seamless transitions and a continuous flow of visual content. One such effective video switcher is the Ross Video Carbonite Ultra Switcher. This device is a mid-size production switcher with 24 ins and 24 outs. Notable for its feature-packed one-rack unit (1RU) frame, the switcher ensures smooth switching even at the most demanding corporate functions.

Lighting Equipment

Lighting equipment in the conference AV and business networking setups creates the right ambience and focus for corporate events. The key lighting equipment for a corporate event includes:

Generic Fixtures

Generic fixtures illuminate the overall space, ensuring that the venue is evenly lit and that key areas, such as the stage or presentation area, are adequately highlighted. At Adlib, we have various general lighting fixtures, such as the ETC Source 4 Junior Zoom 25-50. Despite its relatively compact 575W size, this fixture stands out for its bright light output and versatility through multiple HPL lamp options and interchangeable lenses.

LED Lighting

LED lighting provides efficient, customisable illumination to enhance a corporate event’s atmosphere and focus. The Chauvet COLORdash Par H12IP LED Par is an exemplary choice. Its powerful and versatile colour-mixing capabilities make it a top choice for dynamic and engaging lighting at corporate events.

Lighting Consoles

Lighting consoles from our partner brands, like Avolites, Chamsys, or Zero 88, serve as the control centre for orchestrating the lighting setup. These consoles allow technicians to manage and manipulate various lighting fixtures. They make it easy to create specific moods, highlight speakers or areas, and synchronise lighting with audio and video elements.

Moving Lights

Moving lights are a dynamic and versatile component of lighting equipment, crucial for adding visual flair and emphasis to corporate event production. These lights can be precisely controlled to shift direction, colour, and intensity, allowing for intricate and captivating lighting designs.

Get all Your Corporate Event AV Equipment From Adlib

Proper corporate events production is paramount to ensuring the success of any corporate event. It’s the backbone of effective communication and audience engagement in conference AV settings or business function scenarios. From the clarity of audio delivered by microphones and speakers to the vivid imagery projected by video equipment and the dynamic ambience created by lighting, each component plays a critical role.

Adlib, your event technology partner in the UK and Europe, offers this exact blend of essential equipment. We’ve partnered with top brands to maintain a comprehensive equipment inventory, catering to all your corporate event planning needs. Get in touch with us today to explore how we can elevate your next event.